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Girls Invent and Deakin Research Awards

Girls Invent and Deakin Awards at Year 9 Expo

Students in Year 9 were excited and challenged to take on a significant project - an original group invention with mentoring and skill development with GIRLS INVENT, or, a personal research project. Deakin University provided workshops and guidance to teach girls in the project group high level research skills.  Thanks to Deakin for providing awards and certificates to encourage students and recognise excellence!~ 

A highlight of the Year 9 Personal Project and Girls Invent Program has been the presentation of their Projects at the Girls Invent and Personal Project Parent Expo Evening on Tuesday 14 May.  At the beginning of the year, the Year 9s chose to participate in either the Girls Invent or Personal Project programs, and since then have worked consistently to fulfil the criteria for their chosen project. Last week, all students presented their Personal Projects and Girls Invent products for assessment. The staff thoroughly enjoyed these and were thrilled with the high level of the presentations.

The personal project involved selecting and researching an area of study that both interested and challenged them.  Students chose a key question or hypothesis and explored their chosen interest in depth. The Girls Invent program involved girls participating in workshops to learn the skills of ideas workshopping, market research, creating sell sheets, product design, intellectual property, commercialising and pitching products.

Catherine Murphy